The weekend started off with the couple, Whitney & Danny, renting an Airbnb in the heart of their small town. The lofty space had the cutest style, adorned with vintage record players, thirtstore finds, and of course the gorgeous stained glass windows you’ll find below. The ladies got ready in the rented home where Whitney, the bride and profession hairstylist, made over her brides maids. (Her three younger sisters.) The loft filled with tunes from a killer playlist including lots of Bob Marley, perfect for this bohemian bride.

Meanwhile Danny took to the bar with his two closest friends, at some point even making a toast to the fellas stating “this is exactly what I wanted, just me and my two best friends.”

During the exchage of rings the space was full of tears as the 6feet something (built like an ox) groom Danny started to recite his vows. So moving he himself couldn’t even hold back from letting out some emotion. The intimate ceremony took place in a fern covered garden patio in the heart of Troy, New York at the Lucas Confectionary Wine Bar.

After dinner the patio filled up with guest showing off their salsa moves as they danced to the prodomittly Cuban playlist, a nod to Danny’s heritage. If only for a night, a little taste of Miami made it all the way North and seriously did not disappoint.

  1. Wing says:

    This looks like it was a blast! 😉 Beautiful photos!

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