Christina bingham

An Atlanta Wedding Photographer ready & available for world travel, let's adventure somewhere together.

My husband & designated second shooter.

Takes direction like a champ and doesn't cry in a bush when I yell at him. Will corral TF out of a giant wedding party and likes it when the groomsmen offer him a beer. Has excellent taste in wives.

Workaholic • #hatesinstagram


The real deal, the main squeeze, legend, and the head creative behind
Christina Bingham Photography. 
Photographs the connection you and your partner already have to create lasting & authentic memories of very real moments between people in love.

Vinyl Collector • Beer Snob


You have a passion for traveling!

You love the outdoors.

You care more about your marriage than your wedding day.

You curate a playlist for everything you do.

You & your fiancé are head-over-heels in love & probably best friends too.

You laugh wayyy too hard at memes.
(Thank God for the Internet amiright)

You know entirely too many space facts...
ok maybe that's just me.

You appreciate a good vinyl collection.

You are a self-proclaimed Netflix Documentary Addict. 

You can go hard on a Charcuterie & Cheese Board. 

You're always up for a good adventure.

You value professionalism with
  a heavy side of humor. 

We'll probably get along great if: